Glutathione for Skin Whitening is Best When Used in Combination


As I have reached the tender age of age spots I have been considering using a skin whitening agent to erase the spots.  Nothing vain, just want to look my best and I am sure you want to look your best, too.

So, I started researching and learning about using glutathione for skin whitening.  The more I searched the more concerned I became with what I found about the skin care products in general.  It seems the manufactures do not think…Gee, I wonder what is the best and safest ingredients I can put in this product to help my customer.  No, they think…what kind of junk can I pack in there that is cheap, but still seem to do something for them.  As I said in the other article it is definitely buyer beware when it comes to skin care.

Here is what I have found out about skin whitening during my search

  1.  Glutathione is a good product, but works best if used in combination with other herbs and vitamin-c.  The previous article on this site lists some of the more obvious chemicals to be on watch for when looking for glutathione products.
  2. Exfoliate your skin before starting with a whitener.  But, be careful, as it is possible to burn your skin if you use to much exfoliate or you start with a too strong concentration.
  3. Be sure to use a sun block and not just a sun screen.  The sun is very powerful and will actually darken the skin when exposed to the tender under layers when using an exfoliate.
  4. Not everyone’s skin reacts the same to treatment.  You will have to search for what works best for your skin type.  Don’t give up.  Keep using the same product for long enough for it to work, but be willing to change if it is not showing an improvement after a reasonable trial.  Again, do not expect to get the results the ads say you will or that someone else has experienced.  You are unique and we like you that way.
  5. Follow the directions.  More is not always better.
  6. If you can find access to a sauna it will help open your pores.

The products I chose

I found a company that I really like.  They have several products for skin care and skin whitening.  One of the products I like contains Glutathione, Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Retinol (Vit. A), Grapeseed extract, Vitamin C flower extract, Tyrosine, Scultellaria Baicalensis, beeswax, Sodium sulfate, glyceride and water.

 Click here to see these glutathione skin whitening products and see what you think!

This product has many know ingredients to whiten the skin that we already know.  The one I was not familiar with is Alpha Arbutin.  It turns out that Alpha Arbutin is being used to replace hydroquinone, which was banned because it increased darkening of the skin, but the problem is Alpha Arabutin metabolizes into hydroquinone.  The jury is still out on if this is a problem or not.  So, far it seems to do the job of lightening skin.

If you are looking for glutathione skin whitening products that work then check out the products I mentioned above by clicking here.

To your great health,

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When It Comes To Skin Whitening Products It’s Buyer Beware!

Glutathione for Skin Whitening


We always want to believe that the people we do business with are on the up-and-up and have our best interest in mind when they produce products that we use on and consume in our bodies like glutathione for skin whitening.  But, unfortunately, that is not the case.

Harmful Chemicals in Skin  Lightening Products

All you want to do is to improve your health and look your best…right?  But, I have found that many skin care products contain harmful chemicals.  Like a study I read in the Chicago Tribune on products promising to lighten skin, eliminate age spots and lighten freckles.  They purchased these products from various retailers and sent them to a lab for test.  Several came back showing a higher level of mercury that allowed by the FDA.

The levels of mercury were high enough to, potentially, cause liver damage.  And, that is just for mercury, there are plenty of other chemicals used as additives in skin care products.

Health Issues From Chemicals

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of harmful chemicals in skin care products that can cause cancer, estrogen related problems, damage your liver and a host of other health issues.  Below is a very small list of some of the more common chemicals used in our personal products.

Sodium lauryl sulfate
Artificial fragrances
Methylisothiazolinone (MIT)
Mineral Oil, Paraffin, and Petrolatum

Many of the items on this list we generally consider to be safe.  We see them all the time in the ingredients lists.  But, they have been proven to be bad for our health and should not be put on your skin.

Chemicals in the Environment

It is hard to avoid all chemicals in our environment.  And it is not only the skin care products it’s the chemicals in our household cleaners, our tooth paste, in our carpet, in the car, in the air, is there no safe place?  Really no!  That is why we must manage the amount of pollutants that reach our skin, what we eat and drink and, as much as we can, the air we breathe.

It is hard to find skin care products that do not have these harmful ingredients.  You can check out the company I found that has quality skin care products with glutathione.  Go visit them now by clicking here!

Talk soon,


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Skin Whitening Products Are Not All The Same

Hi and Welcome,

We are going on a journey to find the  right glutathione for skin whiting product in the land of skin care.  It can be a frightful place riddled with pot holes and scary places.  There are many companies producing skin care products that do not help, but harm, your body.

I am sure you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It is very protective, but also, very venerable to toxins in our world and skin care products are one of the worst offenders.

Most everyone wants to look their best.  Whether you are looking to lighten the skin over a large portion of your body, or want to lighten discolored spots on your skin, you will want to be careful about the method you chose.

Working with a professional for skin care

It is best to work with a professional for making such a change in your appearance, but I know that is not possible for many of you and professionals often use chemicals that you really do not want on, and in, your body.  There goal is to show you results so you will return for their services.  This can sometimes lead to using products that work quickly, but have harmful chemicals in them.

Skin whitening at home

You can whiten your skin at home.  You will want to be careful what you use and to use it correctly.  Remember to be persistent and do not be afraid to change products if what you are using is not producing the results you want.  Just give the present product time to work.

It may be wise to start with a lower level of active ingredient and work your way up to a higher concentration.  Sometimes the higher level will produce irritation if started suddenly.

We want you to look you best and feel your best, but we also want you to be sure what you are using on your body is the safest product we can find.  There are so many bad chemicals, in what looks like a good product, that it is hard to find a product we can trust.
Let’s work together to find the best the world has to offer for all of us.

Here’s to you lookin’ your best,

Be sure to see the next article “When It Comes To Skin Whitening Products It’s Buyer Beware!”

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